PK God Sneakers

  • Friday, 11 June 2021
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PK God Sneakers

The PK God Sneakers brand is a contemporary sneaker label that targets a younger god sneakers The company is run by none other than the man behind the fashion world, Phat Farm owner Ray J. With the label launching in the market, it's safe to assume they're gearing it towards a younger market. The brand basically aims to take the high standards of the high-end sneaker market and cross them with elements commonly seen in street and urban wear. The aim is to create a style that appeals to both the purists of urban fashion and those that simply want a good looking sneaker.

The brand is mainly targeted at the younger crowd, hence the limited edition releases and limited god sneakers It's been said that the market for these sneakers is very small considering the young audience it caters to. The brand mixes pop culture references with a modern sense of design and is known for its simple designs and bright colors. Unlike most sneakers, PK God sneakers follow an uncomplicated color scheme which consists mostly of blacks and bright reds.

The most recent release in the range is the 'PT GOD' range, a collaboration between the well-known street musician and sneaker label. This sneaker offers a variation of the original 'GOD' logo with a three-quarter overlay of colored text. The all-black outsole is accompanied by a textured canvas foot bed. The outsole includes a large signature square which is accompanied by a large paw print. The tongue of the sneaker is made of all black mesh.

The latest release in the collection is called 'PAK GHOST'. It features a pure white upper with grey matte rubber outer, elasticized lining and patch panels. The tongue, too, is plain with a large paw print. The sneaker has a half tongue and half ribbed style. There are also a few specialty offers coming up, such as the limited edition 'GOD' collared and 'PAK GHOST' stacked.

The brand started in 1991 and was headed by Mike Krol. However, his sudden death in a car crash in 1996 led to the company's move to a new location. They were able to continue building and releasing great skate sneakers under the guise of God. The sneakers have remained consistent over the years and the company has always remained true to its roots.

PK God sneakers are popular among the younger crowd as well as among older adults. Their styles remain very much the same despite the different logos and appearances. This means that anyone looking for a great looking sneaker can rely on this brand. They offer great comfort and durability without sacrificing an edgy edge that many other brands have.

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