Name :   Pk God OFF WHITE x Nike Dunk SB Low The 50 NO.37

SKU :  DJ0950-105

Size : US5.5 - US13

Brand : Air Jordan

Release Date : -

Batch : Pk God

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OFF WHITE x Nike Dunk SB Low The 50 NO.37 is taken from the "Dear Summer" series and is a continuation of Virgil Abloh's first collaboration with Nike Dunk in 2019. The low top features a white leather upper and a soft gray suede overlay, accompanied by Virgil Abloh's business card, including a plastic zipper tie and printed Helvetica lettering. Contrasting colors are presented through the sneaker’s secondary lacing system, zippers, exposed foam tongue and rectangular loops on the Swoosh. Limited to 50 pairs, the "37 of 50" badge is affixed to the outer midsole.

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